About Zunnit

Zunnit Technologies is an information technology company, based in Belo Horizonte/Brazil, whose primary focus is research and development of recommendation systems for content providers, social media and e-commerce.

Early research on the Zunnit recommendation systems started at the Laboratory for Treating Information (LATIN), Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Minas Gerais (DCC/UFMG) in 2008 and continued in the company after its founding in October 2009. The Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais is a partner of Zunnit in a innovative format of technology transfer to the market.

Zunnit is the result of the association of entrepreneurs with researchers Nivio Ziviani and Alberto Laender from DCC/UFMG. Both researchers have international academic recognition and high capacity to produce knowledge, methods and algorithms for information systems focused on the web. The group has extensive experience in creating technologies applied to business, such as those used by Minner Technology Group, established in 1998 and acquired by Folha de São Paulo/UOL in 1999, and Akwan Information Technologies, established in 2000 and acquired by Google Inc in 2005.

Zunnit makes up the group of innovative companies that were selected to settle in BHTEC – Technology Park of Belo Horizonte – a partnership between the Government of Minas Gerais, SEBRAE, UFMG, FIEMG and the Municipality of Belo Horizonte. It is a complex that will house companies with R&D activities and that aims to accelerate technological innovation in the industry through closer links with the University and its research centers.

Institutional Partners



  • Nívio Ziviani
    Nivio Ziviani

    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, CEO

  • foto juliano(1)
    Juliano Viana

    Chief Technology Officer, CTO

  • Ana_3x4_lattes
    Ana Rodrigues

    Product Director

  • Alberto Laender
    Alberto Laender

    Co-founder, Member of the Technology Board

  • rodrygo
    Rodrygo Santos

    Member of the Technology Board

  • adrianov
    Adriano Veloso

    Member of the Technology Board

  • profrenato-assuncao
    Renato Assunção

    Member of the Technology Board

  • fernando
    Fernando Oliveira